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pinterest ads

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sample research

keyword: pinterest ads

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Main Keywords – This is what it is all about

pinterest ads, pinterest ads specs, pinterest ads cost, pinterest ads best practices, pinterest ads strategy, pinterest ads guide

Secondary Keywords – Highly important keywords

pinterest ads manager, pinterest ads size, pinterest ads examples, pinterest ads format, pinterest ads case study, pinterest ads vs facebook ads, pinterest ads account, are pinterest ads effective, pinterest ads for ecommerce

Complementing Keywords

pinterest ads video, pinterest ads login, pinterest ads policy, pinterest ads support, pinterest ads agency, pinterest ads reddit, pinterest ads price, pinterest ads platform, pinterest ads 101, pinterest ads on mobile, pinterest ads threshold, pinterest ads measurement, understanding pinterest ads, pinterest ad disapproved, pinterest ads no impressions, promoted pins, pins, users, campaign, business, create, click, audience, advertising, social media, brand, targeting, marketing, product, image, search, keywords, awareness, video, target, bid, account, results, sales, budget, promote, time, formats, pricing, run, cost, type, interests, manager, goal, success, performance, buy, trends, searches, creative, grow, bids, engaging, maximize, manage, average, cta, beginner, tutorial

Questions – The most important questions your content needs to answer

do pinterest ads work, how much do pinterest ads cost, how do pinterest ads work, how to stop pinterest ads, how to do pinterest ads, how to create pinterest ads, how to pay for pinterest ads, how to use pinterest ads, how much to spend on pinterest ads, what is the average ctr for pinterest ads, can pinterest be ad free

Search Intent – This is what the user expects from your content

The main keyword “pinterest ads” can be understood in two ways.

Users who just want open the Pinterest ad platform.

Users who want to know how Pinterest ads work.

Content Structure Suggestion

What is Pinterest?
Advantages and disadvantages of Pinterest ads
Are Pinterest Ads Worthwhile?
Pinterest Ads: These are the costs
Start with Pinterest ads
Pinterest Ads: step by step instructions
Prepare Pinterest profile
Create an advertising account
Types of ads
Display formats on Pinterest
The ad manager
Set up a campaign
Use conversion tag
Create Pinterest custom audience
Define target group for ads
Test ads (A / B tests)
Tips for perfect advertising

Competition – Some of the best content of your competition

Experts – Get quotes, interviews and more from these experts

Stats, Studies and Polls – Bring some facts and data into your content

Videos – Offer additional content through video

Infographics – Put some visuals into your content

Source – Link to real sources for more trust

Links – Find out more here

Ideas – Inspiration for your content

Your own video could be very beneficial.
Turorials are the only content ranking for this topic (apart from pinterest itself).
Your own graphics can make the difference.
Create an infographic with ad-formats.

Additional Content – Create additional posts or page to support this master piece

Which companies can benefit from Pinterest?
Generate traffic via Pinterest
Reach more potential customers on Pinterest
Pinterest beginners guide

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sample research

keyword: what is dogecoin

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